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Ground Handling

GlobeGround India is a success story for the Bird Group. Founded in the year 1999 as a joint venture with Deutsche Lufthansa AG. However due to current ground handling policy by Indian Government , GlobeGround India is now owned by the Bird Group.  The organization gathered a plethora of rich experience while operating in the Indian market in collaboration with international and experienced key players, resulting in high quality services being delivered to our customers.

As a joint venture earlier ,  GlobeGround India had branches spread over other cities namely Delhi , Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata ,Mumbai and Bangalore..

GlobeGround India is the first private Ground Handling service provider to commence operations at the Bangalore International Airport in May 2008. While being the first licensed private GHA to operate from the new Bangalore international airport, we thrive towards promoting our services beyond Bangalore and head towards becoming India's leading team of experts in ground handling..
GlobeGround India offers a complete ground handling package for all aircraft types with its state-of-the art ground handling equipment and trained personnels.
Our committed staff, time-and-again practiced precision methods, professional know-how, advanced IT and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to deliver fast and efficient ground handling services to every flight we handle.

Commitment to our Clients

We strive for perfection and to achieve this we treat our customers challenges as our own.  
We take pride in providing the highest possible standards of ground handling services to our customers.

First Private GHA

GlobeGround India is one of the leading private ground handling service provider  in India to commence operations at the upcoming Bangalore International Airport, Devanahalli.

Expansion Plan

GlobeGround India is set to continue its expansion path by spreading operations to other Indian airports as well and is  prepared to seize any promising opportunities opening up in the liberalizing Indian market.

Awards & Commendations
GlobeGround India has scored to its credits the following awards for its GH operation at Bangalore International Airport and is striving hard to continue getting more such accolades
BIAL Safety Awards
Platinum Award for 100% OTP from Qatar Airways
Best Station for 100% OTP in the network from Sri Lankan Airlines
Best Station in the network from Kingfisher Airlines
Best Station in the network from SpiceJet Airlines
Best Station in the region from Etihad Airways
Topper among all the Asian Stations for SCORE results (Check-in & Boarding Process) from Air France
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